Van Insurance FAQ’s

At Van Quote Direct we want to make the process of insuring your vehicle as simple as possible, to help with that we have compiled a list of our most common questions and answers to give you the information that you need. For any other questions, call us on 0208 543 6347.

How do I send proof of my no claims bonus?

We won’t always need proof of your no claims bonus but if we do require proof you will be given an email address that you can send the required documents to. We do request that you only send us your proof of no claims if you are specifically asked to do so.

Can I pay with a direct debit?

Yes, if you would prefer to pay for your insurance in instalments we can arrange this for you. If you are to claim on your van insurance before all instalments have been paid, you must continue the regular payments until the full premium and any extra charges have been made.

What is a no claims bonus (NCB)?

For each year that you have an insurance policy on your vehicle and do not make a claim, you will be given a no claims bonus for a year. Once you have obtained a no claims bonus you will be entitled to a discount on your insurance policy to the following year. A rough guide of discount is 10% off for each year of discount that you have earned.

What is insurance excess?

There are two types of excess with the majority of commercial vehicle insurance policies; compulsory excess and voluntary excess. The excess that is part of your policy is a contribution that you are required to pay in order to make a claim.

If you have a high excess as part of your insurance you make want to consider excess reimbursement insurance, find out more here.

How can I get cheaper insurance?

The price of your insurance will be dependant on a number of factors including; how many years of no claims you have obtained, the vehicle you are insuring and the area in which you keep your vehicle. Read more on how to get affordable insurance.

How do I cancel my van insurance?

If you are looking to cancel your insurance policy with Van Quote Direct, please check our Terms and Conditions. Please note that cancelling your policy may incur a charge. To see our Terms and Conditions, click here.

If you wish to cancel your policy, we require a written and signed request from the policyholder.

What is the cost of altering my policy?

Depending on what you wish to alter there will be a set price in place. To see our terms and conditions covering your policy, click here. Common amendments to policies include; change of address, change of vehicle and alterations to the vehicle.

What are the differences between can and van insurance?

Each vehicle will fall into a certain insurance group bracket which is a system that provides an indication of the cost of insurance. The insurance groups go from 1-50 with 1 being the cheapest and 50 being the most expensive.

The vehicle that you are looking to insure; whether that is a car or a van will fall into one of these groups. This will decipher the main differences between insuring a car or a van.

If you have any questions about your current van insurance policy that we haven’t answered here. don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team on 0208 543 6347 for a quick response to your question.

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