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Here at Van Quote Direct we understand that many of our customers not only need cover that is going to protect their vehicle, but they also want the very best van insurance and the very cheapest van insurance that meets all of their requirements. With over 50 years of experience our highly qualified team can help you with this.

We have created a summery for each van make in the UK to give you the facts you need when it comes to insuring your vehicle.

From van insurance groups to the most popular makes and models in 2017; we have all the information to help you make an informed decision when its comes to your policy.

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Insurance groups explained

All vehicles in the UK are placed into an insurance group between number 1 and 50, with 1 being the cheapest group and 50 being the most expensive.

The placement of each vehicle is decided by The Group Rating Panel who will take into account a number of different factors before placing a vehicle into an insurance group.

Affecting Factors

  • Repair costs
  • Price of purchase
  • Specification
  • Costs of replacement parts
  • Performance and speed capability
  • Safety features
  • Security features

Who are The Group Rating Panel?

The panel is made up of members from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) as well as the Lloyds Market Association (LMA). Through their vast experience within the industry and the data from Thatcham, the panel proposes their recommendations for groupings which are then assessed further.

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