York arson attacks add to catalogue of damage

It has been a bad August for both van drivers and van insurance companies. With very little respite in the price of fuel and little prospect of road taxes or insurance coming down anyone who uses their van to make a living has found 2011 a bit of a challenge. Van insurance brokers are finding it more and more difficult to find their customers a better quote than their renewal quote and many professional drivers are now resorting to the internet and online van insurance comparison sites to make savings.

Nationwide unrest will cost millions

Insurance providers have been inundated with claims as a result of the widespread unrest across the cities and major towns of the UK throughout August. The well documented riots in London, Manchester and Birmingham saw many vans and trucks damaged or totally written off by the uncontrollable mobs, but elsewhere in the same period vans came under attack from criminal elements.

Arsonists strike in the dead of night

Only last Monday a small Yorkshire city was the scene of an attack totalling well over a hundred thousand pounds worth of damage to vans. Residents of York were awakened in the night by a series of explosions that emanated from vans that had been set alight by unknown criminals. The arsonists struck at two different locations in the quiet city and were very successful; they managed to completely wreck five vans and severely damaged two others. Six of the vehicles were parked up on an industrial estate while the other one was parked on a public road. Police are baffled by the crimes because there were no other civil disturbances in the city that night.

Van drivers asked to be vigilant

Police officers in the city do not believe the incidents are connected to the disturbances in other cities carried out in the previous week but are wondering if the criminals used the riots as a “smokescreen” to perpetrate their deeds. Van drivers in the area of Layerthorpe have been warned to be alert to the danger of arson over the next few days, make sure they have vehicle insurance and have been asked to take extra care on where they park their vehicles. Those who can park their vans under cover have been asked to do so.

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