Winter Tyres are Essential


An information campaign has been launched by Goodyear Dunlop to advice owners of commercial vehicles on how to stay safe during the winter on the roads.
This is the result of recent statistics that have shown that 568 accidents that happened on the roads were because of snow and ice, even though we aren’t a country renowned for this.

Boris Stevanovic from Goodyear Dunlop has said, “With increasingly unpredictable European weather conditions and stricter tyre legislation, Goodyear is advising all commercial vehicle operators to ensure that they have the right tyres before the start of the winter. It is all about safety and also about ensuring commercial vehicles can continue to meet tight schedules without hindrance, regardless of weather conditions.

“Today Germany has traffic laws making the use of winter tyres compulsory, and several other countries are already applying similar laws or introducing winter tyre legislation for the coming season. Winter tyres are not an option, they are a need.”

The Tyres

These tyres are also not just for the snow and ice. They perform better than other tyres at lower temperatures which is often a misconception that commercial vehicle owners have. Another essential during the winter months is to definitely make sure that your commercial vehicle insurance is up to date. As a lot of accidents that could happen on the roads are costly and even more so in the ice.

There are some great benefits to winter tyres. One of these is that the tyres performance is at its best when there are low temperatures. They have different tread patterns that are essential for snow and ice conditions as the tyres react differently to these conditions. A good tread pattern is essential for grip.
Mr Stevanovic carried on saying, “Many operators never consider winter tyres unless they operate in the northernmost parts of Europe or in mountain regions, or are forced to by law.

“Goodyear winter tyres not only fulfil the legal needs where they exist but also help ensure excellent grip in all conditions to prevent unnecessary delays and incidents due to bad road conditions. What’s more, our Ultra Grip tyres do not have the negative effect on fuel consumption that many believe and they also offer high mileage potential.”



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