VW Offer Restoration Service for Volkswagen Classic Vans

Volkswagen created a department, “Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer”, which is dedicated to the preservation of its heritage. With a team of experts, they use this department to purchase and restore around 100 Volkswagen classic vans and vehicles for their own personal collection.

Vehicle restoration is becoming increasingly popular, particularly throughout Europe. Enthusiastic owners have the opportunity to really understand their vintage automobiles and perhaps realise a young dream to drive their ‘cool’ car/van. Whether it is on your own or through hired mechanics, restoration can be extremely costly. So those interested will need to set aside a budget for the cost of parts, labour and van insurance quotes, in order to protect it once the job is complete.

The Workshop

Since its inception in 2007 their expert team and restored vehicles have grown, resulting in the need for a larger building to contain their activities and make room for their public expansion. The new 75,000 square metre centre allows the Volkswagen team to complete a number of tasks in various workshops such as metal shaping, paint jobs and even lathing and milling.
The main vehicle to be restored is one of Volkswagen’s most recognisable vans, which is known by many names. They include The Volkswagen Type 2, the Transporter, the Camper Van, the Mini/Micro bus and the Hippie Van.

Public Service

With the recent expansion came the intention to offer their restoration services to the public, ranging from complete restoration to improving certain parts, thus making it roadworthy. The staff involved communicates with customers regularly throughout the entire process, in order to ensure the vehicle is restored to their desired specifications. The entire process is documented and photographed in order to provide the customer with full disclosure and for posterity.

The benefit for van enthusiasts wanting to restore their retro vehicle is that they have the services of the original creators. Volkswagen has access to van parts from their original stock as well as support from Volkswagen Classic Parts.



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