Vivaro Wins the MPG Marathon



You’re probably all fed up of hearing about the doom and gloom situation of spiralling fuel costs as well as the stagnant or rising cost of van insurance. The MPG Marathon however is a 2 day event which tests cars, vans and other vehicles against each other in real life situations over hundreds of miles, seeing which one has the best fuel economy.

The Event

This years’ Marathon took place in the Cotswolds at the beginning of October and measured 378 miles. It works by having numerous stages which have a strict time limit. The AA carried out the fuel checks, sealing the tank cap so as to accurately measure how much was being consumed after each stage and prevent cheating. This year, other competitors

Deady efficient

Eco driving specialist Andrew Duerden used the Vauxhall Vivaro ecoFLEX in this year’s Marathon, managing to generate a 65.2mpg return. With Vauxhall claiming it only performs at 40.9mpg, this is an impressive 60% improvement. This meant that the Vivaro won its van category by a substantial margin and beat the industry favourite, the Ford Transit Custom, Renault Trafic Sport as well as VW’s Transporter BlueMotion. In terms of improvement over the stated MPG, it also beat all the other passenger cars.

The Vivaro

The Vivaro which was used had a 2 litre CDTi engine producing 115 bhp which seems to have been the key to its success as the runner up, the Renault Trafic, also uses the same engine. What’s more, the Vivaro is a great all-rounder, developed as a response to the Ford Transit and has many customizable options. All models come standard with ABS, airbag and seatbelt tensioner systems, remote separate door central locking, long lasting stainless exhausts, can carry 1217kg and have a 5 cubic metre load capacity. Service intervals are at 18,000 miles and it also comes with a handy three year warrantee.



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