Van theft should be a warning for others

A recent incident in the Waltham Forest area of London exemplifies the value of good commercial vehicle insurance and how important comprehensive cover can be. It is quite normal for any business to look for savings on their outgoings, and cheap van insurance is certainly one way of saving money, it is though, imperative that the insurance covers all contingencies.

Chase to no avail

It started as a normal day for Karen Flint working at her household services business until a neighbour rushed in to tell her that her Sprinter van was in the process of being loaded onto a tow truck. Mrs Flint alerted her son who dashed outside to see the tow truck pulling away with the sprinter van on the back. Over the following hour Mrs Flint’s son chased the van through the London traffic, losing track of it several times. He eventually relocated the van just as it was coming out of a scrap metal merchants yard.


Unbelievably Mrs Flints van was already being crushed when he went inside. The Police were called and found another stolen van on the premises ready to be scrapped, but it was too late for Mrs Flint’s Sprinter. The Police are now investigating the scrap metal firm and also managed to trace the tow truck although they were unable to make an arrest.

Special unit set up to fight the crime

However, in a warning to all van drivers a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that the theft of vehicles and vehicle parts was growing on a monthly basis. He said that the rising price of scrap metal was attracting more criminals into an activity that has always been around and the increased activity of criminals in this field had resulted in the Metropolitan Police setting up a special unit to combat the growing threat.

Drivers urged to make regular checks

The spokesman advised all van drivers to be aware of their vehicle security and to organise a daily routine whereby they complete checks on the security of the vehicle every time they leave it. He also asked members of the public to report any suspicious activity in regard to tow trucks particularly if the incident takes place early in the morning or late at night. Van drivers will be aware of the threat but should heed the advice to establish a regular security check regime.



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