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Van thefts or thefts from vans have been on the increase, as a result of this Burnt Tree vehicle rental are launching a campaign which will encourage drivers to make sure they are taking the safety of their vehicles and contents more seriously. This should help reduce the amount of thefts from light commercial vehicles, improving van safety.

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Of course, all van drivers will have a commercial vehicle insurance policy of some sort which will cover you in the event of a theft, but this can only come as a result of a theft. What needs to be done is deterring the thieves in the first place. This can be done through alarm systems, extra locks, location sensors and safer parking.

Burnt Tree are the leading rental company in the UK and they are urging drivers to seriously think about thefts because the more claims, the higher the insurance premiums become. They have put together a 12 page guide which gives advice to van drivers who working or operating a small to medium sized business. On top of this they have also teamed up with ProtectAVan who offer security solutions to tackle this issue head on.

In total it is estimated that 47 million light commercial vehicles are stolen every year which costs around £152 million in assets that have been lost.

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The marketing manager at Burnt Tree, Andrew Hill has said, “As a responsible rental company with a total fleet of some 15,000 vehicles we are only too aware of the challenges businesses can face if their vans are stolen.

“The damage to your business can be significant. Not only do you lose valuable time that should be spent on the road but you also have to deal with the hassle of informing the police and your insurers before you can even think of finding a replacement vehicle.

“Worse still, if your van was full of expensive tools when it was taken then the inconvenience will be significant and you have to bear the cost of replacement.

“That’s why we’ve produced this guide in partnership with ProtectAVan and are urging drivers to ‘think thief’ and always be on the lookout.”

On top of the increase in van thefts, there has also been a complete shift in behavior in the way that the thieves are operating. Over 9% of the lefts last year were carried out through the use of a key.



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