Van manufacturer gets large fleet order

A Leicester van manufacturer has recently been given a multi-million pound order which could see it grow substantially in the next few years. The company, Doyle’s Commercial Body Building (DCBB) has released its luton-bodied van built from lightweight recycled materials.

Big business

The Mark Group, who specialize in energy efficiency, have ordered two hundred of the vans. DCBB is also in negotiations with other international companies worth around £5 million and hope that in the next two years one thousand vans should be produced worth approximately £23 million. The fleet of luton vans are being produced at a rate of three a day and with more labour to be employed they expect this daily production volume to increase.

Beating the competition

The new van uses as its base, a Vauxhall L3H1 Movano platform. The driver compartment, chassis and engine are retained and the Leicester factory carries out a full bodywork overhaul. It is therefore more fuel efficient than competing vans, it can carry 20% extra loads – up to 1500kg, it has a low loading height and it generates less CO2.

The van comes in two forms, the Luton and Luton Multi-Drop which has shelving installed made from a special lightweight plastic, just like the body. You can even walk through from the driver compartment to the loading bay. They have a load volume of 18.5m3 although larger ones have been planned. The Mark Group has ordered a custom 26m3 variant to cater for large insulation panels.

Maximizing profit

DCBB claim that their vans will reduce costs and increase profits as they can carry much more per delivery. Servicing can be done through Vauxhall dealerships and you should find that your commercial vehicle insurance to be not much more than the standard Vauxhall Movano vans. With an expanding business and several deals on the horizon, DCBB is worth watching out for. At any rate it is good to see some light during these tough economic times.



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