Tradesmen Not Wearing Sun Cream


With the unpredictable weather that this country has seen across the summer it is no surprise that many of us have been caught out and got a little sun burnt. However, it turns out that tradesmen, that often drive vans covered with van insurance, are repeat offenders when it comes to not putting on sun cream whether they know it will be sunny or not. While simply driving around in sunny conditions they are at risk of burning.


A survey was carried out and it has revealed that 82 per cent of tradesmen don’t apply sun cream because it wasn’t “manly” to put it on. As a result of this, many are running the risk of skin cancer. One of the main worries was who was going to reapply the cream throughout the day as they would not be asking their male colleagues to do the job.

The survey also revealed that many believed that their skin was immune to the rays as they have been working outdoors for years.


Sarah Williams, a health information officer, has said, “Too much exposure to UV from the sun’s rays can damage skin and is the main cause of skin cancer.”

She went on to add: “People should use around two teaspoonful’s to cover their face, neck and arms and reapply regularly – especially if it could have been rubbed, washed or sweated off.”

Our Advice

Here at VanQuoteDirect we understand that being a tradesman means often working in dusty conditions so it isn’t always practical to be applying a sticky cream to your skin.

However, skin damage is serious so we advise that sun cream is applied in the morning and again at lunchtime. This means the sun cream can soak into the skin. The best place to do this would be at home before setting out in the morning and then in your van at lunch.



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