Top Multi-Purpose Vehicles for 2013

Chevrolet Multi Purpose VehicleCommonly known as minivans in the US, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) have grown increasingly popular worldwide in recent years, no longer regarded as just dull people carriers.

With a growing market for big families needing larger vehicles and some tradesman looking to run one multi-purpose vehicle as opposed to owning both a car and van, auto manufacturers are investing big in the industry and are now specifically targeting a younger generation of buyers, offering more stylish designs and packing the vehicles with state of the art technology for greater mainstream appeal.

Whilst the range MPV models is a little more restricted this year, choosing the perfect MPV still isn’t an easy decision with some great new models on offer from a variety of manufacturers.

With so many variables to take into account, from seating options and cargo capacity to family friendliness and technology features, here are VanQuoteDirect’s picks of multi-purpose vehicles to consider in 2013.

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest’s design isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but look past its boxy exterior and you will encounter an excellent car that can match many of its rivals in the MPV range.

Featuring a smooth 3.5 litre V6 engine capable of generating 260 horsepower paired with a variable transmission, the resultant blend is a vehicle that offers a very smooth drive with an excellent 19 mpg in the city.

In terms of space, the Nissan Quest offers adequate passenger room, however with just 108.4 cubic feet of cargo space, the Quest does falls short of its competitors.

But where the Nissan’s offering really impresses is in terms of its innovative features. With keyless entry and a push button start the Quest is perfect for those drivers who are always struggling to find their keys at the bottom of their bags.

The technology is abundant throughout the vehicle, boasting one-touch power sliding doors as well as an Advanced Climate Control System with built-in air purifier, which will automatically recirculate the air when it detects pollution and odours within the vehicle.

If you’re looking for a MPV that impresses in the features department, the Nissan Quest certainly ticks all the boxes.

Honda Odyssey

If your priority is to feel safe and secure on the roads you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable MPV than the Honda Odyssey. Featuring a 3.5-litre SOHC V6 engine the Odyssey is a very easy drive, with dynamics borrowed directly from the Honda Accord.

As one of the best-looking MPVs on the market, thanks to its refined lines and high-quality materials, the vehicle also boasts a host of safety features meaning passengers will feel as safe as possible in the event of any accident. In terms of space, the Odyssey offers plenty of cargo space, with rear fold-down seats meaning the 148.5 cubic feet maximum can be achieved very easily.

Whilst the Odyssey may carry a price-tag a little higher than rival models, coming from one of the most reputable car manufacturers, any buyer can feel safe in the knowledge they are purchasing a quality vehicle.

Toyota Sienna

Another MPV boasting outstanding safety features is the Toyota Sienna, with its state of the art Blind Spot Monitor available as standard in Sienna Limited and XLE models.

Capable of seating eight passengers, the Sienna also offers a wealth of cargo space so if you’re looking to transport tools or a large family with luggage or groceries in-tow, the vehicle can manage it without any issue.

If entertainment features are an attraction, the Toyota Sienna caters in that respect too with a built-in DVD entertainment system that can keep the kids occupied whilst you drive in addition to audio systems that include hands-free calling via Bluetooth, a USB port for iPod integration as well as Bluetooth audio to stream mobile internet music apps straight to the entertainment system.

Where the Sienna truly excels however, as with all Toyota models, is in its affordability and ability to retain its value. If you’re concerned about all the costs that come with using a vehicle for work, such as van insurance and maintenance, the Toyota Sienna could be the best option for you, offering such excellent value for money.

With further impressive MPV models debuting in 2013 from manufacturers including Chrysler and Mazda, now really is the perfect time to invest in a multi-purpose vehicle.

Do you agree with our choices? Is there an MPV model you would nominate for consideration?

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