The Value of Van Signage


Businesses are always looking for better, more cost-effective ways to market themselves but often miss one of the simplest and best forms of advertising one can buy – graphics for your company vehicle.

Choosing signage for your van isn’t simply a case of adding any old logo though. If done well, van signage can truly transform your business.

Graphics are also a great way to reduce your van insurance premiums as insurance companies view company logos as a sign that you are serious about your business and that you are ‘in it for the long haul.’

However if done incorrectly it can end up being a very costly, frustrating and disappointing exercise.

Here are some tips to creating good signage and some of the more common mistakes to avoid:

A design worth looking at

Classed as interruption advertising, whatever sign or slogan you use on your vehicle needs to look professional and eye-catching, good enough to spark the interest of fellow motorists or passers-by in the 3 to 6 seconds it has to connect.

It’s crucial to communicate something of value to the customer with your advertisement, with a quality sign able to raise awareness of your business, generate sales, create a call-to-action or really create a buzz – the very best signage able to do all these things.

Decide exactly what you want to accomplish with your message and base the design around this.

Make it unique

When choosing a design it’s easy to be influenced by impressive signs used by other businesses on their vehicles.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from good designs, one of the first rules of marketing is that it is based on who your customers are, rather than your competitors. Therefore try to keep your signage unique to you and your customer-base.

Wide range of input

You may think you know exactly want on your vehicle, however it’s a good idea to get feedback from others and source ideas and inspiration from a number of people.

Don’t be afraid to get some feedback from your customers – after all, they’re the ones you’re targeting.

However it’s absolutely crucial to convey exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, providing them with the framework beforehand. Otherwise you run the risk of going in a completely different direction to the original plan, raising uncertainty.

Keep it relevant

Once you have settled on your final design you may think the work is over. However as with all forms of marketing, nothing is future-proof and from time to time you will have to update your signage to keep things fresh and avoid looking dated.

Obviously if you alter your branding in any way you will need to ensure your signage is updated alongside to remain consistent and not deliver any conflicting messages to prospective customers.

So keep in mind that, if you’re driving a company vehicle or even a personal vehicle and it’s unbranded then you’re missing out on, not just cheaper insurance policies, but also some of the most valuable “free” ad space around.

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