The New Renault Trafic

This month the new Renault Trafic was launched with a bold new look and revised engines. So here we will are looking at the best leasing deals around at the moment, however don’t forget to factor in costs such as breakdown cover, van insurance and road tax to your figures!

New Renault Trafic

The most obvious change to the Trafic is it’s striking new look as well as a new engine range to choose from. This version of the Trafic will be the third generation and it is set to go on sale during the summer. It has been given a new lease of life in the hope that it will be able to compete with Volkswagen’s Transporter and the Transit Custom that belongs to Ford in this small panel market.

The shape that you would typically associate with the Trafic has been scrapped and instead it now sports a new front end which is much bolder. It also has wider headlights as well as a sloping windscreen and a strip has been added between the two front grilles. While Renault has changed the design, they aren’t changing the essence of the van which is its strength, which is why Renault has given the all new Trafic a wrap around front bumper which will help protect it from any bumps.

As mentioned, the design isn’t the only thing that Renault has changed as there are also more engine options which ensure fuel efficiency without a loss in power. There will be the option of having two smaller engines although one offers a twin turbo combination and both offer more responsive acceleration. Not only is there a choice of engine types but there is also a choice of customisation depending on your use of your van. In total, there are 270 different options to choose from including varying lengths and heights of the vehicle itself.

In the past, the Trafic has been known to be in the shadows of the Vauxhall Vivaro, but it is hoped this new model will turn the tables this year. Since the launch of the Trafic in 1980 there has been a huge 1.6 million vehicles sold, although last year it struggled to compete with the 44,000 Vivaros that were sold.

Leasing a Van

With so many vans on the market and new ones being released almost every month just like the Trafic, it can be hard to decide what is actually best for your business. For many, purchasing a vehicle outright isn’t the best solution, but there are many great lease deals out there. It does take a bit of searching to find what is going to be just right for you in terms of price, repayment plans and the vehicle itself, so it is worth test driving a few and comparing figures. To help you on your way here is a quick rundown on what is available to you:

First on the list is the Ford Transit Custom. This van has great load space as well as driving performance and a solid build. Not only does it come with a 2.2 litre TDCi engine option, but there is also the Econetic model for the more environmentally friendly among us. In terms of the lease, you can pick up a custom for around £231 per month based on a four year contract which includes tax, breakdown cover in the UK and Europe and if the vehicle were to break down it covers a replacement until it is fixed. You will need an initial down payment of £1386.

Next on our list is the Ford Transit. Even if vans aren’t your thing, it is almost certain that you know what a Ford Transit looks like. It was launched in 1965 and the reason for its success is down to how versatile it is. As there are so many models and customisations you can choose it is difficult to give an exact price, although based on a medium roof, short wheelbase it will cost approximately £220 per month over four years.

Next in our quick round up is the Mercedes Sprinter. The reason that many people opt for this van is because of how smoothly it drives, which makes it perfect for those who regularly go on long-haul journeys. Obviously, the Mercedes badge that is placed at the front of the vehicle helps sales, especially from small businesses that are looking to add a bit of sparkle to the quality of the services they deliver. You can get a medium sized Sprinter for £445 per month and a prepayment of £2,670.

Overall this is just a quick summary of what is available to you in the market right now and how much it is going to cost you. If you are thinking of investing in a new van, make sure you properly research all the options that are available to you as this will help you gain the best possible deal.

Photo by Mr White/ Wikimedia Commons

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