The Mini Clubvan


You most probably won’t have failed to notice that Mini has produced a new van concept. It’s called the Mini Clubvan and it is thought to be hitting our showrooms before the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, due to the name of it, it is based on the Clubman.

Geneva Motor Show

We’ve already blogged about this new, potential van, when it was known as the Cargo, but since it’s so important that Mini could re-launch their version of the light commercial vehicle, we thought it was worth blogging about again. It has also, seemingly, had a name change. Furthermore, the new van is on show at the Geneva Motor Show this week, which is currently the buzzword (or words) in motoring circles. Also, this is sure to be one extremely popular van, should it actually become mass produced.

Since BMW took over the design and build of the Mini they’ve completely reignited the range. The BMW version of the Mini is fun, fast and small and they even made an entire film off the back of the new Mini, which was incidentally another remake; The Italian Job.

The Mini Clubvan

The new Mini Clubvan looks fantastic as it keeps all the same charm as the normal Mini whilst also now becoming rough and ready for its duties as a commercial vehicle. It is also, like the normal road car Mini’s, sure to be very economical and cheap to run.

The chances of being able to get a cheap van insurance quote are high indeed, as are the chances of being able to run the thing at a very reasonable cost. Since it is also now, in a way, German, due to its BMW DNA, the Mini van will also be very reliable whilst also, in the event of anything actually going wrong, remain fairly inexpensive to repair.

The new Mini Clubvan is sure to sell like hot cakes should it reach our showrooms this year.

Will you be investing in one?



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