The Friday Five – Van Security

Nowadays protecting what is yours is essential to keeping costs down, which at the moment is a key factor in most people’s lives. We have come up with the best safety devices you can use to protect your van from damage and theft.

1. Van Insurance

First on the list has to be van insurance. No matter how safe you keep your vehicle there is always the possibility that someone will get into your vehicle or some unexpected damage can occur. By having an insurance policy this will mean not having to pay out for expensive repairs or replacements. Van insurance is also great for peace of mind as you will feel confident that if anything does go wrong, there is someone to give you a helping hand and carry on with your job as usual.

2. Van Immobilisers

By having an immobilisers fitted it will mean that your van can’t be driven without having the proper key being present. This means that a thief can’t hot wire your vehicle and drive off with it and everything inside. There are a range of immobilisers for vans on the market so it is just a case of choosing the one that suits you and your van best.

3. Van Alarm

If your van is fitted with an alarm this can often mean that your van insurance policy will be reduced. This will ensure that if your vehicle is being broken into, you are sure to hear the alarm. Most of the time the alarm will also startle the thief and they are likely to disappear whether they see you walking to the van or not.

4.Tracking Systems

If you have decided against any of the security features mentioned or you have them all and you van is still stolen then having a tracking device in place is essential. This will help you find your vehicle hopefully in one peace with all your equipment still inside. Some also include a police response too.

5. Locks

There are a huge range of locks available for your van including slamlocks and deadbolt locks. Another thing to consider are lock covers. With all the security devices in place above it is unlikely that an unwanted person will be gaining entry to your vehicle. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t try, causing costly damage to your lock and the metal around it.


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