The Friday Five – Van Accessories

Need to improve your van? Want to get more out of it? We’ve had a look at just a few van accessories on the market.

5 Roof rack walkways

When loading heavy objects on your van, it is often beneficial to be able to get onto the roof to arrange any cargo. MotoRack produce a roof rack with walkway for this purpose. All roof racks and walkways are coated with anti-corrosive coatings.

4 The polypropylene van lining

You’ve probably heard of ply van linings to protect your vehicle interior. Made To Last have however created their own van lining which fits more tightly against the wheel arches maximizing storage space. They claim that they last longer and are therefore more cost effective than the ply equivalent.

3 The folding van ramp


If you need to transport heavy objects onto your van, or even if you’re just feeling a little arthritic (with the pension age rising to 68 this would be no surprise), a folding van ramp could be just the thing for you. More secure than traditional ramps and equipped with hydraulic pistons making them easier to operate, folding van ramps are perfect for improving access to your loading area.

2 Catalytic converter protection


Catalytic converters are often the target of thieves as they contain valuable platinum filters. Catlock is a product which bolts onto your catalytic converter and secures it to the underside of your van. A pair of stainless steel ropes can be attached to the chassis for extra security. Made of marine grade stainless, this is surely a must-have accessory and may well reduce your van insurance policy!

1 The Doubleback


Finally, this is one that I came across that I couldn’t miss out. In the true spirit of the classic VW campervan, a company in South Wales has specialized in the conversion of the VW transporter so that it turns into a motor-home. You can either get your original van converted or buy a brand new Doubleback for the comparatively reasonable sum of £55,000.



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