The Friday Five – Top Five Ford Vans

Our Friday Five is back and this week we’ve taken a look at the best Ford vans from past and present. Of course Ford make the Transit, the most popular van in the world, but what about the other vans they’ve produced over the years? With a whole bunch of other Ford vehicles eligible for van insurance quotes, we are looking specifically at the top five Ford vans other than the usual, range topping Transit!

5. Ford Fiesta Van

The Fiesta Van, old and new, is simply an edited version of the popular little Fiesta car. It’s said to drive similarly to the normal road car whilst incorporating a decent load space in the rear for business use. All in all it is also a market leader in the mini van market with stiff competition coming from the likes of Vauxhall with their Corsavan.

4. Ford Escort Van

The discontinued Escort Van comes in at number four this week due to its iconic status amongst Ford enthusiasts. Ever seen a pimped Mk1 or Mk2 Escort Van? It is popular amongst the enthusiasts and there are a whole host of events that anyone can attend where you will see modified Escort Vans. They also work well as a van as previous models certainly gave Berlingo’s and Caddy’s a run for their money…

3. Ford Thames Van

The Ford Thames Van was first produced from 1957 to 1965. It was brought in at a time when Ford were somewhat lagging behind in the light commercial vehicle market. With the Thames Van they managed to shift 187,000 units. The Thames Van became very popular as it was the choice of van for a large number of people with mobile shops, milk floats, ambulances, flat platform trucks and box vans all making use of the Thames Van!

2. Ford Transit Connect Electric

Okay so this is technically a Transit, but it is different to the usual Transit Van due to the fact that is a compact panel van, and it is a battery powered vehicle, hence making it eligible for our Friday Five. The original Connect model was designed to replace the Escort Van and since its inception this Connect Electric has been created. The Transit Connect Electric is a market leader in the electric vehicle market.

1. Ford Anglia 307E Van

The Anglia Van makes it to our top spot this week thanks to its stylish, characterful design. The Anglia Van was, like the Fiesta and the Escort, an extension of the normal road car and this is exactly what made it so great as it borrowed directly from the styling of the road car. The 307E Van was however different to the 105E road car it seemingly resembles due to the fact that they were structurally different. The windscreen in the 307E is also taller than the normal road car due to the fact that the Anglia Van did require some re-designing. They certainly didn’t lose any of that 105E appeal though when converting it to a van!

What is your favourite Ford van of all time? Let us know by commenting below!



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