The Friday Five – Top Commercial Van Adverts on YouTube

The average internet user spends about 15 minutes on YouTube everyday. It’s a great catalogue of videos from the past which solidifies various highs and lows on camera for everyone to see. Van fans can use it to see clips of the latest commercial vehicle models and reviews.

So for this Friday Five we scoured through pages of YouTube videos to find some of our favourite van adverts. Hope you enjoy them and let us know if you’ve found an advert that’s even better!

1. Volkswagen – Tough Work

“Just another day of tough work
Ain’t got time to play
Keep my motor on, till the job is done
From the morning light, to the late late night
In the heat or snow
Bringin’ home the dough
Well you know the deal
Stay behind the wheel
Always on the go
Never take it slow”

2. Renault Kangoo 2003

The nation’s favourite plasticine inventor and his mute dog gave Renault a helping hand, by featuring in this advert for their Kangoo in 2003. You’ve got to give credit to the artistic team for recreating a miniature plasticine van and filming the entire advert through stop animation.

3. 1980 Dodge Ram Van B100

Ram Power! It’s what we all look for in a van right? Well it’s certainly what Dodge thought their American consumers wanted. The manufacturers of the A-Team van sent a clear message in this advert, their vehicles are Ram tough.

Let’s hope van insurance providers can handle such a feisty four wheeler.

4. 1987 Nissan Van

…’30 minutes into the journey the kids wouldn’t stop screaming, the dog was non-stop barking, Nan was having a nap, Mum was at her last tether and Dad was wishing he’d bought a smaller car so he didn’t have to take all of them out at the same time EVER AGAIN!’

5. Ford Commercial Vehicles Range

This sleek advert introduces you to a range of Ford’s Commercial Vehicles. Whether they’re gliding across the tarmac, trudging through mud or splashing their way through water, these vehicles look good.




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