The Friday Five – Mini Vans

This weeks Friday Five is on our favourite mini vans. Number one in our list is the oldest of the vans but a new one is to be released later on this year and we know it will be just as popular as the original. These small vans are 3 door hatchback passenger cars that have had some changes. They have had the back seats taken out and the rear side windows replaced with steel sheets. All the mini vans will of course need mini van insurance which will help your business continue as normal in the face of an unforeseeable circumstance.

1. Mini Van

This is top of our list, not only because it is a classic but also because probably the smallest van to be used for commercial use! This was very popular in the sixties and because it was classed as a commercial vehicle there was no sales tax so many used it as an alternative to a car. Later on this year Mini will release the new version of this later on in the year, the Mini Clubvan.

2. Fiat Grande Punto Van

When this design brief was taken by Fiat to Giorgetto Giugiaro all they said was “Can you make our Grande Punta van look sexy?” And it looks like they succeeded. The Fiat Grande Punto van is probably, in our opinion, the most attractive vans available. Of course you have to by this Italian beauty in bright red and it is the perfect size for delivery which is great for commercial use! This is why it is second on our list.

3. Peugeot 207 Van

Number three in our top five is the Peugeot 207 van. This is because by just looking at it you can tell it means business! The lines are clean and that iconic front grille just says it all. An unusual feature about this van is that it comes in three different engine sizes although there space in the back isn’t huge.

4. Corsavan

This van has recently been updated and there has been an ecoFLEX version made. This is why it is number four in our list because who can beat an environmentally friendly engine. The van can be fitted with a start/stop system which means fuel won’t be consumed as quickly which is great news for small businesses, considering the price increase right around the corner. The Corsavan is very spacious and comfortable which will make for happy drivers.

5. Ford Fiesta Van

Last on our list is the Ford Fiesta Van. This van looks very sophisticated and will fit in whichever type of environment your business takes you to. It is small enough to navigate those busy city streets and also has the power for those open roads in the country. There is plenty of space in the back of this van so shouldn’t hold you or your business back.

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