The Friday Five – Classic Vans

This week’s Friday Five picks up where last week’s left off as we’re talking all things Classic! Throughout the years the commercial vehicle has evolved and adapted to new ways of doing things, just take a look at our infographic in order to see the progression of the van. So, as we live in a modern, high-tech era, we thought it only necessary to pay homage to some of the commercial vehicles of a time gone by that have helped shape the industry today and indeed the van insurance industry too. Therefore, without any further ado, here they are, our five favourite Classic Vans:

5. Ford Escort Mk1 Van


The Mk1 Escort Van features in fifth position thanks to its iconic appearance and reputation amongst Ford enthusiasts, of which there are many! The Mk1 Escort Van is still popular today amongst classic Ford collectors and can be seen making many appearances at various events around the country that celebrate the famous blue oval.

4. Morris Minor Van


The Morris Minor Van deserves its place at number four this week thanks to its popularity amongst General Post Office drivers. What was also astonishing was that the earliest versions of the van had rubber front wings in order to cope with unforgiving circumstances. That certainly would not be allowed today! A van with an abundance of character nonetheless.

3. Volkswagen T1 Transporter (1950-1967)


The original VW Transporter van simply had to make our Friday Five. An iconic classic and the one that kicked off the camper van craze! If it wasn’t for the T1 Transporter the legendary camper van just wouldn’t be what it is today. The Transporter T1 was a panel van that was used for all sorts of jobs from the 50s onwards.

2. Austin Mini Van


The Mini Van manages to make it into our Friday Five for the second week in succession, however this time it is in second place rather than first. The Mini Van is technically a sedan delivery rather than a commercial vehicle, but we all know it as the original Mini commercial panel van which has now been replaced by the Clubvan, 52 years later. History really does repeat itself!

1. Ford Transit (1965)


The original Transit had to be our chart topper this week as it’s the Ford van that really got the ball rolling for them in the commercial vehicle industry. The Transit has since gone on to become the most popular and successful commercial vehicle ever produced. The Transit van has improved with each edition and is still today regarded the best in the business. That certainly puts a lot of pressure on future Transit models, doesn’t it?

What’s your favourite classic van? Let us know by commenting below!



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