The Evolution of the Van

Ever wondered where it all began? What that first ever van looked like? Well, so did we, and that’s why, here at Van Quote Direct, we’ve created this fantastic infographic to show where it all started and the evolution of the van through the decades and centuries.


Back in the 1800s, before the first combustion engines were built, the first four wheeled vehicle that allowed the carriage of people and goods was, of course, the horse and cart. Without the horse and cart, the van along with the modern car, arguably, would never have evolved into what they are today.

Our infographic takes you through the 1900s looking at the first engine powered vans with the iconic 1960s camper van being a highlight.

As you can see, the first step van was then born in the 70s. It was a revolutionary van as it was the first to offer increased storage, which made it ideal for commercial use. The Transit van is situated in the 80s on the infographic thanks to the fact that it began to dominate the van market as millions of commercial van insurance quotes for a Transit flooded in.

The 90s and 00s saw the traditional smaller vans revived whilst the modern era has witnessed the birth of electric vans. The electric van continues to grow in popularity and with the progression of technology now at such a vast rate, more and more electric vans are sure to come to the market in the coming years. If we were to project the future of the van it would certainly be dominated by electric vehicles.

Where do you see the future of the van heading?



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  • Thomas Banks says:

    This article is a very informative one. It’s good to know also the history how does this van discover, compare from that time the newly invented vans now. How impressive is the idea of humans when it comes in discovery and invention.

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