The European LEZ – Low Emission Zone


It seems like the van market is forever evolving with new models coming out on a weekly basis. This is exactly the sort of thing we love here at VanQuoteDirect as it encourages the market to continue growing and also encourages further competition between manufacturers, which again will encourage the market to keep on the upward trend.

The LEZ Impact

We have previously blogged about the current van market and how it has boomed in recent months and years and this year we are all very much expecting to see further increases in the number of sales as the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) has become more stringent which has meant that many van drivers will have upgraded their van.

So far the only city in the UK that has implemented the LEZ is London, however, there are plans for Oxford and Norwich to adopt the LEZ in the coming weeks, months and even years. We’ve talked a lot about the LEZ in the UK, but what about Europe? Many van drivers make trips to mainland Europe for a whole variety of reasons and services, yet we have not, on this very blog, outlined the main areas in Europe where the LEZ is enforced. Furthermore, if you are going to be making a trip into mainland Europe, it will be worth checking your commercial vehicle insurance policy to make sure you are covered for European driving.

European Locations

The LEZ doesn’t appear to be in place yet in France or Spain, however it has been implemented throughout much of the rest of Central Europe.

The closest large city to home that has implemented the LEZ is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other notable Dutch cities to have enforced the LEZ are Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

Germany, due to its greater size, has rather more areas where the LEZ has been enforced. These include Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Hannover and Stuttgart amongst several other German cities and towns. Italy is another European mainland country with a stringent and diverse spread of low emission zones. Cities include Rome, Pisa, Bologna and Livorno amongst many others.

Those of you that envisage driving in and around Europe may well have already come across such zones; however it is certainly worth being aware of them if you are planning on embarking on another trip to Europe.

Are you yet to come across these low emission zones? Have they affected you both here in the UK and abroad?



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