Telematics for a Greener World


According to a survey by ALD Automotive nine out of ten drivers in the UK are happy to have a telematics device fitted to their vehicle in order to save fuel. This is especially true for those who have a fleet of commercial vehicles.


Fleets are under more and more pressure to cut emissions and with fuel prices on the increase, companies are looking for ways to cut the fuel bill. Most opt for replacing a fleet of vans with newer more economical ones, however there is a cheaper and faster way; telematics.

Keith Allen is the managing director of ALD Automotives and he has said, “Over the last seven years, the technology surrounding telematics has improved and evolved dramatically.

“It now delivers functionality that can help businesses manage their costs and risks associated with their fleets. Drivers are also now far more aware of what telematics are and how they can help, benefiting themselves and their employers.”

How it Works

The device stores data about how the vehicle is being driven which can help fleet managers decide how they can improve efficiency between drivers and what vehicles are suited for which jobs.
The systems have not been set up to spy on the drivers but to aid a greener lifestyle for all and especially in the current economic climate to save some money. The devices have been used for a long time although until recently mostly by large commercial vehicles and young drivers.


Not only could the devices cut the fuel bill each month but could also mean that the companies will receive commercial vehicle insurance quotes. This is because the telematics store information about speed, areas that the vehicles enter and braking distances.

Studies of the telematics have shown that fuel costs can be reduced by as much as 25 per cent without any huge changes to the actual driving. Most van drivers are becoming more open to the idea of having the devices fitted to their vehicles and the costs of the technology are dropping to very affordable levels.



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