Stereotypical Reputation Scrapped – The White Van Man


Research that has been carried out has revealed that the outdated White Van Man stereotype has been scrapped. The research found that the majority of van drivers themselves reject the stereotype altogether with 70% having stated that they have never shouted at or had any form of altercation with another road user.

They also claimed that they are very careful, cautious drivers with nearly three quarters saying that they take pride in the appearance of their van. 74% of the van drivers surveyed boasted that they had no dents or scratches on their van.

First Impressions

In an increasingly difficult economy many self employed van drivers may find that by taking care of the appearance of their vehicle they will naturally be able to find more work. It would seem that the little details can really make a difference.

For example, if a tradesman were to turn up to a job in a bit of a battered van, the first impressions would not be the best, no matter how good a job they may do. Whereas if the van they turned up in was immaculate, they’d receive a greater amount of trust when in someone else’s property. A tradesman that very obviously looks after their van will also, most likely, be careful and delicate when carrying out their work. Or so that’s what may be assumed.

Increasing Number of Female Van Drivers

The research conducted also found that there are a growing number of female drivers requiring a van insurance quote largely as a result of 47% of van drivers being self employed and the fact that an increasing number of women are starting their own businesses. It’s been recorded that 15% of female van drivers are florists; they therefore use their van to pick up and transport large supplies of stock whilst just fewer than 10% of female van drivers are tradespeople.

Are you a female van driver? If so, let us know your profession!



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