Speed camera vans targeted again in the Republic

For the second time since their inception in November 2010, traffic speed vans have been the target of bombers in the Republic of Ireland.

With the country still trying to come to terms with the harsh reality of life under the financial strictures imposed by the International Monetary Fund, it seems some drivers can’t come to terms with road safety measures. The private company who operate the vans will now be urgently reviewing their commercial van insurance cover and wondering if they will be subjected to more terror attacks.

Private company controversy

When they were first introduced in November there was an outcry from several quarters that road safety issues should be under the control of van drivers who were not police officers. In fact the aforementioned monetary problems were one of the reasons the speed monitoring was handed over to the private sector, the Irish Parliament did not believe the Gardai (Irish Police) had the manpower or monetary power to do the job. It was indeed a cost cutting measure.

However, the speed camera vans have been welcomed by motoring groups and road safety campaigners alike. The AA said the cameras were doing a good job slowing traffic down at known black spots. Road safety groups say the cameras plain and simply save lives.

Series of attacks leave van drivers vulnerable

Obviously there is an element within the country that feel violence will reap rewards. The attack this week on the Wexfoed/Wicklow border follows previous attacks on the M1 near Dublin and the N4 close to Kells. In the latest incident the van driver only just escaped before the van went up in flames. Several people were seen running away from the incident and the Gardai confirmed that the probable cause of the fire was a petrol bomb.

Sources at the firm who operate the GATSOs said that the van had been damaged considerably by the blast and a claim on their van insurance policy was inevitable. The Gardai are asking for the public to come forward with any information they have about the incident, meanwhile innocent van drivers have cause to worry every time they go out to work.


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