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This month we are having a look at a couple of our favourite vans, old and new. In the line-up this month is the Mercedes Citan Compact and the Ford Fiesta Sport Van.

Mercedes Citan Compact

Last year Mercedes entered the small van market with their Citan Compact which is based on Renault’s Kangoo. The entry of this van into the market means that businesses that run and manage fleets are now able to purchase commercial vehicles that range from 1,700kgs to 44 tonnes in just one deal.

There has been speculation as to why you would purchase the Citan Compact over the Kangoo as it is more expensive, however Renault’s version stopped being sold in the UK a couple of years ago and lacks some typical Mercedes Benz engineering which the Citan does have – namely the entire front end of the Kangoo was reworked with new technolagies that mean in the event of a front end collision, the bonnet and engine has far more protection than the Kangoo.

The Citan Compact has a bigger cab space than potential rivals such as the Citroen Nemo, Fiat Fiorino and Peugeot Bipper, but it does have a strange look because there is a lot of room at the front and not as much, in comparison, at the back. The load space totals to 2.4 cubic meters which is similar to others on the market, however the payload is half that of the Nemo, Bipper and Fiorino.

The vehicle is powered by a Turbodiesel powerplant engine supplied by Renault, which has 90bhp as well as 147lb-ft of torque. As a result the CO2 emissions are 123g/km and it has a fuel economy rating of 61.4mpg.

Although there are some elements where the vehicle doesn’t match up to the competition it does have a higher spec. You will pay £13,375 excluding VAT however adaptive electronic stability control, ABS brakes, brake assist, stop-start technology, acceleration skid control, folding front passenger seat, Bluetooth connectivity and remote central locking all come as standard.

Since the launch last year there are more and more Citans on the road, which is likely to be helped by the Mercedes logo placed on the front of the van. The vehicle may be based on the Renault Kangoo but when you are buying a Mercedes there are things that you simply won’t find with other brands.

One of these things is the residual value. This is a lot higher with Mercedes vans than others and if you break down and are in need of a replacement vehicle Mercedes will have a back-up for you. In the unlikely event that Mercedes won’t send you a courtesy vehicle while repair work is taking place, you can make a claim on your commercial vehicle insurance and, if it’s included in your policy, you will have a new vehicle sent out to you. This means that your business doesn’t have to stop running and it won’t cost you even more money through work being turned down.

Mercedes operate their own system when it comes to dealing with breakdowns which means that you don’t have to pay for extra breakdown cover. Mercedes-Benz have said they can fix 84% of problems that are the cause of breakdowns on the road which eliminates the need for vehicles to be towed to the local garage.

As mentioned, the size of the cab is very large in comparison to the rest of the vehicle as everything is chunky and oversized. This is great for those who travel long distances however as the seats are very supportive due to their size.

Ford Fiesta Sport Van

The Ford Fiesta Sport Van is technically just a modified Ford Fiesta, but the needs of fleets nowadays are very different to what they were before and there are many businesses which these small vans are perfect for. For example, local florists need a way of delivering flowers but a huge transit might not be the solution for this type of business.

The reason that the Fiesta van has been given a new lease of life is because Ford promised to upgrade all their van models with new versions over the next two years. They have upgraded this model so its now part of their sports vans range, and this new version looks more like a sports vehicle but has the same amount of power as the old version. This means that for business owners, where saving on overheads is important, fuel economy is saved and accidents caused by travelling at fast speeds is prevented. Having said this, the vehicle isn’t slow – if you are to purchase the new Ford Fiesta Sport it will be running at 95bhp with a good acceleration rate.

There are some great advantages to this vehicle including the high spec and the way it looks. There aren’t many vans as good looking as this one which means that it is also a great vehicle for business meetings too, not just deliveries.

This van is for those that like something a little more stylish and don’t need a huge amount of room. It will cost you £13,670 excluding the VAT and has a fuel economy figure of around 78mpg.

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