Royal Wedding could mean van drivers end up down a blind alley

It appears that van drivers in the Central London area working as normal this coming Friday may well find their usual transport routes unavailable, as the Capital prepares to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.


Unfamiliar territory

Insurance providers are urging couriers and hauliers to ensure they have alternative mapping systems available in their cabs, for they anticipate that on the day van insurance claims around Central London could soar, with drivers getting caught up in minor scrapes trying to negotiate streets they are unfamiliar with.


Satellite navigation may not work

The problem is all down to the special arrangements being made for the wedding. The Metropolitan Police and various councils in London have closed many roads in the central part of the city and although the day is a Bank Holiday it is anticipated that couriers especially, will see very little slackening of business in the South East. The great majority of the van drivers now use sat nav systems to navigate the streets of the capitals but because of the road closures on the day the devices may well be better turned off.



Parking problems also anticipated


Another problem van drivers will encounter on the day is parking. With the thousands of visitor’s cars to the capital taking up many car parks, drivers may well find parking near their unloading venue is almost impossible, they will also have to bear in mind that although it is a Bank Holiday, parking restrictions on many single and double yellow lines in London will still be in force.


Check before setting out

Although it will be a tedious job to check with the 34 different local authorities in London about road closures and parking restrictions on the day, it may well save some drivers a lot of trouble, and in the end a couple of hours spent on the phone will work out cheaper than a commercial vehicle insurance policy without a no claims bonus.

Commercial drivers in the area on the day would also be well advised to ensure they have a full tank of fuel before they set off as the crowded streets and Bank holiday closures may mean many service stations are either inaccessible are closed.



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