Restoration Challenge for Canadian Van Fanatic

Charlie Grahn is a Canadian van fanatic who has taken on the challenge of restoring his classic 1950 Morris J-type van. The van had been stationary in the previous owner’s backyard for over 30 years. By the time Charlie purchased it in 2008, pieces of the vehicle were literally falling off it. Once he begins to restore the van to its former glory, it will be important for him to protect his investment with a good van insurance quote.

The Morris J-Type

Surely no one would be willing to take on such a difficult challenge. But for Charlie, the appeal of the van’s curved and unique features were too good to pass up. The Morris J-type van was launched in 1949 and 48,000 were produced until 1961. Many businesses adopted this vehicle into their fleet such as the British Royal Mail, Ice Cream sellers, milk deliverers and perhaps most famously Reactine allergy medication.

Morris and Austin, the companies responsible for the van’s creation, had hoped it would be a successful export but it wasn’t the case. They created left and right hand drives and both types had forward controls and sliding doors.

The Restoration Challenge

Commenting on his latest project, Charlie explained “I had ‘restore vehicle’ on my bucket list for 30 years before I started this project. I liked this vehicle because it was so idiosyncratic. They built a vehicle for export designed for hauling parcels around London. It lacked customer focus. It foreshadowed the end of the empire”.

He should be very pleased with his investment as his van is one of four left-hand drive J-types that were exported to Canada and remain somewhat in tact.
When Mr Grahn was asked about the costs of restoration, he preferred to keep quiet, simply saying “I have way overextended myself, but I haven’t had to lie to my wife…yet”.




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