Renault Revamps The Master


The Master’s van by Renault has had a revamp. They now have optimised usage of fuel, and will now come with the option of air bags as well as upgrading the standard specification.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption has been improved by up to 3.8mpg on the 2.3 litre model. Renaults best seller in the range has had its fuel consumption improved by 3.3mpg and as a result, across the whole range, their CO2 emissions have been reduced by 16g/km. Renault have managed to do this by upgrading the power steering and oil pumps, fitting low rolling resistance tyres, optimising thermal management and changing the gearbox lubricant.

With the vehicles now being more environmentally friendly this may result in varying commercial vehicle insurance quotes.

Cab Specification

As well as cutting carbon emissions the cab specification has also been considerably improved. This is thanks to easier to use sound systems that will come with Bluetooth and USB connectivity that will come as standard across the whole range. The sports model will also include a separate display and CD player that will make mp3 playback possible.

One of the many benefits with the new van is the fact that a constant ride height can be maintained regardless of the load inside the van. Furthermore, the rear load height can be raised or lowered manually by up to 70mm and 60mm respectively. This potentially results in a rear loading height of only 450mm.

In addition, there is an optional 3.5 tonne braked trailer towing capability for the twin-wheel rear-wheel drive chassis cabs.
This comes at an extra cost of £350 however.

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