Plugged in Fleet Initiative


A new report that has been published by the Energy Savings Trust about plugged-in fleets have revealed that they can reduce the cost of fuel for the fleet by up to 75%. These huge savings are definitely a welcome change to businesses at the moment as it will help fund extra costs such as commercial vehicle insurance and repairs. The report also revealed that those businesses that operate with daily cycles of less than 80 miles may find that by having a completely electric fleet they would only need on single over night charge.


The plugged in fleets initiative has been funded by Transport for London and the Department for Transport and delivered by the Energy Saving Trust and Energy and Route Money. It has been created to find out more about the advantages of running electric vehicles, especially for those who operate vans. Those who have taken part in the scheme so far include Boots, London Fire Brigade, Network Rail, Surrey County Council and Southwark Council among others.


Ian Barnes is the transport sustainable development manager at Boots and he has said, “We have really benefited from the plugged in fleets initiative. It has provided an independent view of the viability for electric vehicles in our fleet. The Energy Saving Trust has provided specific expertise in an area that we don’t have internally, and their consultancy process has been very straightforward. I’d thoroughly recommend this initiative to any fleet operator.”

Through the plugged in fleet initiative each company that joins the scheme gets guidance and a strategic plan for how to best start introducing the vehicles into their existing fleets. Experts at the Energy Saving Trust analyse the results to reveal where the electric vehicles can be used within the business. Boots previously had 1,100 small commercial vehicles and they were looking of ways to reduce their carbon foot print and running costs. An analysis of the fleet showed that by swapping the Pharmacy Delivery vehicles for electric ones they would make savings both in C02 emissions and money.



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