Plug In Van Grant Available


There is a new Plug In Van Grant that has been made available in order to accompany the existing car grant as part of the government’s efforts to encourage “cleaner” methods of transport. The new grant will hopefully reduce the cost of eligible vans by around 20% on models of up to £8,000, and so this is sure to be a popular decision by the government.

Attempt to Reduce Emissions

Earlier this week we were wondering whether electric vans would really work in this country, and of course they would to some extent, and now with this grant scheme, it would seem the government is attempting to make cleaner commercial vehicles more appealing in order to achieve widespread usage, and therefore lower emissions.

In order for a van to be eligible for the grant scheme, it must emit less than 75g/km CO2 and be able to do at least 60 miles between charges. The vehicle must also be approved by “European Vehicle Type Approval” to ensure that it is indeed safe.

Norman Baker, the Transport Minister, has been quoted saying: “The Plug-In Van Grant, alongside the existing Plug-In Car Grant, is designed to help private individuals and businesses adopt new, cleaner technology. Businesses, especially those with fleets, will be a key driver in increasing the market share of ultra-low emission vehicles.”

Reducing Costs

This added grant is of course great news for those van owners that are currently hunting for a new van, and those that are looking to cut costs may find themselves handsomely rewarded with some great savings on fuel and van insurance quotes, along with road tax and general long term maintenance costs too.

Furthermore, Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive, has been very upbeat with regard to the new government grant: “The Plug-In Car Grant and the new Plug-In Van Grant send a strong signal to the global automotive industry about the UK’s determination to be a leading market for ultra-low carbon vehicles. We will reap significant industrial and environmental benefits from establishing an early and flourishing ultra-low carbon vehicle market, attracting high value investment in R&D, innovation and automotive manufacturing.”

It will be interesting to monitor commercial vehicle sales over the coming months in order to see how the grant helps to increase sales in the commercial vehicle sector.



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