Petrol Prices to Hit Record Highs

So, provided you’ve managed to catch the news at some point today you won’t have failed to hear about the suggestion that petrol prices are set to reach record highs today. The AA has predicted that the record high of 137.43p that was reached last May would be surpassed.

Shocking Statistics

Petrol now looks set to join diesel at record highs. On average, diesel prices, as I’m sure most van drivers will be aware, currently stand at 144.60p a litre; an extortionate price to pay for just one litre of fuel, especially when we consider the fact that two years ago diesel cost around 113.79p.

However, what I find truly shocking is that each and every day, collectively we spend £6.81 million more on fuel compared to the same time one year ago; with such a huge amount more being spent per day it really does make one wonder how this country, and the government, are still in the midst of an economic downturn.

Most Expensive Areas

Furthermore, it has also been suggested that the price of diesel in rural areas, on average, costs 4p more than in urban areas with the most expensive diesel being found in Purbeck in Dorset and Ryedale in North Yorkshire where prices are as high as 146.9p a litre. So if you are indeed a commercial vehicle driver, with a diesel powered engine, and you need to make a trip to such areas, perhaps look to fill up elsewhere!

Cheapest Areas

The cheapest diesel has been found in, surprisingly, Birmingham and Dartford with prices standing at 139.7p a litre. The reason why I find this to be a surprise is because Birmingham is one of the largest cities in the UK and Dartford is part of Greater London, where one would expect to find diesel prices sitting around the average.

With the cost of motoring increasing hand over fist, many businesses running commercial vehicles have struggled in recent times to stay afloat. Currently there seems to be little respite, which is why it is no surprise to find more and more commercial vehicle users and companies hunting around for the best van insurance quote they can find.

There now looks to be increasing pressure on Chancellor George Osborne to lower the fuel taxes, time will, however, tell all as we wait with baited breath for such an outcome.



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