Over 2/3rds of drivers uninformed of EU tyre label system


The tyre manufacturer Continental revealed that after questioning a sample of motorists, the vast majority were unaware of the new tyre label system which was newly put into place in November of last year.

How it works

The labels intend to homogenize tyre information, such as effects on fuel efficiency, grip in wet weather and how much noise they make. For tyre manufacturers, this was a significant change for the industry, whereas most consumers seem to be completely unaware, partly because they have not yet been in the position of needing new tyres.

Peter Robb, who manages Continental’s branding said that “If you’re only in the market for new tyres every two years it could be a year-and-a-half before you’re exposed to the tyre labelling. I think if we did the test in two years’ time the awareness level would be quite high.”

It is evident through this survey, that drivers should be educated as to the labelling system, especially considering a fifth questioned thought that one of the categories indicated the number of miles the tyre should last. Many questioned found the label bewildering whilst 25% suggested that there was a lack of detail. Half of the people asked said that the label would make no difference to their final choice of tyre.

What does this mean for fleets?

For fleets however, the information provided by the label could prove useful. Whilst some regarded it as superfluous or lacking in relevant information, some acknowledged that the fuel efficiency reading could influence a purchase. Getting a safer tyre may also cut some costs on van insurance quotes – when buying in bulk, there may be some savings to be made. The best option may still be sticking to original manufacturer tyres however and as such, no tyre-enforcement per-se has occurred.



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