Online purchases save time and money

At a time when cutting costs is an exercise that every van driver who uses his vehicle to earn a living must consider, the opportunity to purchase products online can prove to be a saving in more ways than one.

Whether it is purchasing commercial vehicle insurance, engine parts, tyres or communication aids such as satellite navigation systems there is a website out there looking to save you time and money.

Convenience is the name of the game

In the case of van insurance, one visit to a van insurance comparison site will save massive amounts of time and more than likely impressive amounts of money. It is so much more convenient and can be done in the comfort of your own home without taking precious time away from your working day. The same applies to the other products. A sat nav can be purchased online, with fitting arranged to suit your timetable, engine and body parts can be organised similarly.

Online tyre purchases now available

Tyres are an integral part of any vehicle, and van drivers should know just how important maintaining a good set of tyres is. What many drivers may not know is that they can purchase tyres online and save money. The first purchase may prove slightly more difficult than just driving into a garage and leaving the vehicle for half a day but it is almost guaranteed to save you time and money and the process will be easier second time around.

Website will offer guidance

The website will ask you to make sure the tyres you order are the correct ones and will give you guidance on how to check, you can either look at your manufacturers handbook or check on the tyres already fitted. This is quite easy, somewhere on the side of your tyres there will be a series of numbers and letters i.e. 225/45 R 17 W. The first set of numbers-225 refers to the width of the tyres, the second number-45 refers to the wall profile of the tyre, the first letter R- refers to the tyre type-Radial, 17 refers to the rim diameter and the last letter-W- refers to the speed rating of the tyre.

Fitted to suit you

Armed with this information you can order tyres online and arrange for them to be fitted at a time that suits you. The company will even come to your home or works depot or wherever you fancy. Tyres are always fitted in twos or fours (never mix tyres on the same axle) and often big savings can be made by purchasing four.



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