OCS to Reduce Carbon Emissions Dramatically Over the Year


OCS has invested in 200 new vehicles and plan to buy another 100 by the end of this year. This is because they want to lower their carbon emissions footprint so has bought the new company cars from Volkswagen, their new fleet partner. The new vehicles are fitted with BlueMotion technology. This concentrates on improving the engine, transmission and reducing rolling distance.

Commercial Car Fleet

This is after a company review which highlighted a major area for improvement, carbon emissions. Not only will the new cars help save the planet, they will also save costs too. This is because the car fleet drives 10.4 million miles a year. 170 of the new cars have been given to staff already and there are already clear benefits. The emissions from the Volkswagens are, on average 112kg compared to those of the old fleet which was 130kg.

Commercial Van Fleet

OCS also has a van fleet of over 1,600 which has also been reviewed. From this a decision has been made to replace the oldest vehicles. As a result 330 of the vans are being replaced with the Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Transporter and Mercedes Sprinter.

As with all fleets it is essential to have commercial vehicle insurance. This is because the vehicle is often a core part of the business so making sure that everything is covered if they aren’t working properly. The insurance will make sure that the business will continue to function as normal.

Fuel Efficiency

OCS has said that this year they will reduce their carbon emissions by 875 tonnes and improve their fuel efficiency by 35 per cent. All the new cars and vans have start/stop technology which uses up less fuel and a lower suspension which prevents drag which also improves fuel consumption.
Alan Leightley, who is the OCS fleet manager has said, “Volkswagen has a great range of vehicles for us to choose from and, with the news technology on the market, we can make better cost savings, reduce our fuel consumption and improve our carbon footprint, with the added benefit to the drivers of reducing their tax liability.”




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