Northgate van rental move to a premium only policy


Northgate are van rental specialists and they have just signed a deal with 4Fleet that will last three years. This is Goodyear Dunlop’s service that is based in the UK which is targeted at fleets. This is a huge step for Northgate as they currently have a fleet of about 100,000 vans as they now move to only having premium tyres for its vans, 52,000 of which are in the UK and Ireland. Keeping a fleet in good condition with proper commercial vehicle insurance is essential to keeping the vans on the road.


As their fleet is so vast they have a huge economical responsibility so making sure they are environmentally efficient is essential. Mike Willink is the supply chain and business development director at Northgate and he has said, “We took the decision to move to a premium only tyre policy for a number of reasons, but notably because it will deliver benefits to both Northgate and our customers through improved wear, fuel efficiency and safety and environmental qualities. We are also particularly impressed with the level of innovation that the Dunlop Econodrive offered.”

Goodyear Dunlop

Kerry Watts is the consumer fleet business manager at Goodyear Dunlop and she has said this about winning the contract, “We have enjoyed a relationship with Northgate that stretches back over 12 years. However, the re-launch of our comprehensive 4Fleet service a year ago enabled us to offer Northgate a truly market leading service that includes round-the-clock support, 365 days a year, alongside transparent, real-time tracking through our FleetOnlineSolution system.”



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