Nissan and Coca-Cola Join Forces in Japan – Introducing the e-NV200


Nissan and Coca-Cola have joined forces when it comes to the new e-NV200. Nissan will be giving Coca-Cola with the electric commercial vehicles so they can test them and provide feedback with how they perform in regards to commercial demands.

The Van

The e-NV200 will be of use to both business and private users due to the large multi-functional space inside. As a result the van will increase Nissans leadership in the electric vehicle market and it will provide innovation into the commercial market. As well as being eco-friendly the van will also have high standards when it comes to operation costs. This includes commercial vehicle insurance and means the costs will be low, which is very important to businesses that are using the van for commercial purposes.


The testing will start in the coming weeks and Coca-Cola Japan will be using the vans as sales vehicle’s in Yokohama. While they are being given full access to the vehicle, they will have to review its performance and how usable it is compared to vans that have an internal-combustion engine.

The van will be recharged at night because there is less energy consumption during these hours. As a result of this it will be easy to tell if only charging at night will be sufficient for the demands on the vehicle during the day. Nissan want an overall review as to whether the e-NV200 is suitable for commercial use.

Although Coca-Cola is going to test the new van, Nissan have already tested it with many other companies such as FedEx and British Gas. Nissan have and will continue to use the reviews from the road to finalise the development ready for its launch in 2014. Once it is launched, it will be Nissans second 100% electric vehicle. The Nissan LEAF was the first and it was also the first electric vehicle that was produced for the consumer market.




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