New Sat Nav


One issue drivers have is knowing where to go. Long gone are the days where we need a paper map and at least one passenger to tell us where to go. Now we have the Sat Nav and although it has had some negative reviews, no one can deny that it has been a God send. This is even more so for tradesmen and those that own a commercial vehicle insurance policy as they are traveling to different destinations all day long for most of the week.

The Tom Tom

Tom Tom have redesigned their GO sat nav range so it now has a high resolution capacitive touch screen. New features also include lifetime traffic and interactive 3D mapping software. Those who are using the new software can zoom in and out to have a better look around the map and really understand their journey or where they need to go next. If you can see where you are going on the map too, rather than entering an address you can tap in the map and a route will generate automatically.

The Spec

It is available in three sizes: 4.3 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches with two different ways that the information is updated along with the finding out other services that can be offered. It can be connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth or it can be built in and always be connected.

Corrine Vigreux is the managing director of Tom Tom and she has said, “Where navigation used to be about getting people to unfamiliar destinations, we are now empowering drivers with easy access to the information they need to make the smartest driving decisions every day. We have completely redesigned the PND to become and essential daily driving tool. By providing easy access to our world class Tom Tome Traffic and enabling drivers to see more than just the road ahead, drivers will feel on top of their journey like never before.”

It comes with features such as a Route Bar which shows where traffic is and the exact locations of speed camera’s. It can also be personalized with “My Places” where favourite destinations are stored. On top of this four full updates can be uploaded each year to make sure all the maps are completely up to date.

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