New Ford Fiesta Van


Ford Fiesta by now is a well recognised name and so it should be, it has been around since 1976 and even since then there has been a light commercial versions. Well this is no different for the new generation of Fiesta. Vans that are based on small cars are a niche market but Ford are determined to offer a product in all of the van markets.

The Van

The new Fiesta van was launched at the same time as the passenger car, the beginning of this year. It has been restyled and now includes daytime running lights and a new grille. Similar to the light commercial vehicle that came before the new van has 1.0m3 load space which gives 1,296mm in length and a width of 1,278mm. The narrowest part of the load space is 1,004mm which is between the wheel boxes and here the height is 806mm.

Under the Hood

The Fiesta Van comes with a choice of three engines, all diesel and all have five-speed gears. The new 75h 1.5litre is replacing the previous 1.4litre and there are also two versions of the 1.6litre on offer. One downside to these new engines is that they need to be serviced every 12,500 miles which for a nonstop business is very frequent. This means additional costs are incurred by fleet managers which could hinder expenses that are needed in other areas such as paying for fuel and renewing commercial vehicle insurance policies.

Environmentally Friendly

According to Ford, the diesel Fiesta Vans has a fuel consumption of 76.4mpg and sub- 100g/km O2 emissions. However the Econetic models are even more fuel efficient due to start/stop technology, lower suspension a new aerodynamic rear under tray and low rolling resistance tyres. With all of this plus a few extras the Eco version of the new van has just 87g/km of CO2 emissions.

Overall, this vehicle is going to be economical when it comes to filling up the tanks and there is adequate load space. The only down side would be the frequency of the services that are needed ut everyone loves a Ford Fiesta so I think we can let this slide!



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