Mobile app will charge a vehicle on demand

With the take up of electric vehicles still only a trickle, a world famous technology firm are preparing for the future and have developed a mobile app that will enable drivers to charge their electric vans from anywhere in the world .

Companies looking ahead

It is no surprise that the majority of electric vehicles being purchased in the UK today are covered by commercial van insurance. The limited mileage and lengthy charge periods of the first wave of electric vehicles is definitely more suited to commercial usage rather than that of the private motorist. However, scientists from IBM and a utility firm in Switzerland EKZ are already looking at a world with millions of electric vehicles on the roads and how charging them all sustainably can be achieved.

App will give comprehensive record of vehicles condition

The two companies have developed a mobile “app” that will sync the driver, his utility company and his vehicle no matter where he is in the world. The app which is compatible with most smart phones has been tuned in to a data reading device designed by EKZ experts which is placed in the vehicle. The phone app can then give the owner and his utility company information from the vehicle, including its battery level, its location, the mileage available, the time required to complete a recharge and the cost of charging.

Charging demand in the future will be immense

It may seem a little over the top at the moment for a van driver doing his daily calls in London, but IBM and EKZ are looking to the future and how maybe ten thousand vehicles in one city can be charged at the same time. The app will allow utility companies to project the demand on their systems more accurately and of course will give a driver mindful of motoring economy the choice of recharging his vehicle at a time of day when energy may be cheaper. At the moment low cost van insurance may be big consideration now, in the future, low cost electricity may be just as vital.

The partnership envisages as the major provider of power to electric vehicles, with solar and wind energy leading the way. They believe the app will allow utility providers, van drivers and power grid management to work together to provide energy efficient power to drive the workforce of the future.



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