Mercedes Citan – Average Safety Rating


The new Mercedes Citan has now been awarded a three star safety rating. This is after it has under gone rigorous crash testing that was conducted by Euro NCAP.

Safety Rating

Although three stars is pretty average this isn’t entirely surprising as it is based on Renault Kangoo which is a five year old design. Since the Kangoo was designed, safety and crash protection has moved on a lot so when the new Kangoo is released in the autumn we hope that so has its safety measures. Having said this there are now many accessories that can be fitted into commercial vehicles to enhance driver safety and reduces the chance of an accident. In turn this will lower commercial vehicle insurance quotes as the chance of an accident is reduced.


Euro NCAP doesn’t actually test light commercial vehicles but those that are passenger carrying Kombi variants are definitely put through their paces at the centre. Although three stars seems average, it is actually in line with others in its market sector so is therefore just as safe as rival vans.

Having said this, the brand new Ford Transit Connect could change this. It is due to go on sale later on in the year and will probably have a safety rating that other manufacturers will be envious of. This is because the Transit Custom, which we have previously written about, achieved a five star safety rating so the Connect is sure to achieve the same.

The Citan

In terms of pricing, the Citan starts at around £13,000 and is very fuel efficient meaning great savings in fuel in the long term. Many believe that it will be the van of choice over the Caddy and the Combo. The Citan will come in three variations: the panel van, the traveliner and the dualiner. We think that the most popular choice will be the panel van as it actually as a sliding door on both sides which makes it perfect for tradesmen or delivery drivers.

A spokesman for Mercedes Benz has said, “While the Citan can’t actually do the work for you, it can make your job a lot easier whatever your trade. With its versatility and adaptability, the new Mercedes Benz Citan provides answers to a huge and diverse range or requirements of an urban delivery van.”

Despite a comfortable ride and some Mercedes technology being included, In reality, the Citan is an over priced Renault and with other manufacturers producing some great value small vans, the Citan will struggle to justify its Mercedes price tag.


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