Low bridge claims trucks

In Durham, North Carolina, USA, a nasty railway bridge has been claiming trucks, coaches, vans.

Anything over 11’8 that speeds through is likely to be a victim.This video shows what happens when you don’t pay attention to road signs and you’re driving anything tall.. that said, your commercial vehicle insurance probably won’t cover such stupidity in a hurry. The Bridge is a century old this year and considering what’s been hitting it, you’re probably looking at just about the most robust bridge in the world!

What we can’t understand is that all these trucks sped through the bridge at quite a pace. Maybe the warning sign isn’t prominent enough? We’ve certainly experienced some pretty poor signage in the States, both in their design as well as location. At any rate, the guy who thought of setting up a CCTV camera pointing at the accident black spot is a top bloke and has uplifted our Monday morning!



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