Renault Kangoo Z.E Hits Europe

By now, everyone has heard about the Renault Kangoo Z.E and if not, you have missed out on quite a few of our blogs! Now it is finally being launched in Europe.


If you have missed our blogs, here is an update. The Z.E is energy efficient but looks the same as the diesel version. Now for most commercial vehicle fleet managers, eco-friendly vehicles are not necessarily top of the list when it comes to buying new vans. However, here are a few reasons why we love them and want you to love them too!


First of all Renault is leading manufacturers and they are offering the Z.E in a variety of forms including: van, long-wheelbase Maxi Van and a five-seater Maxi Combi. Not only is this van good for the environment, it is good on the budget too. This is because there is no petrol required. Just as well with the rocketing prices!

The vehicle is going to cost you more in the long run but with the savings made throughout the year, especially if you have to travel into London and pay the congestion charges. Eco friendly vehicles are exemptions to the congestion charge.


By being introduced into the rest of Europe this means that the effort to lower our carbon footprint can be widened, which can only be a good thing. It also means companies that provide commercial van insurance will be busier too! However a side effect of more people being able to purchase this vehicle may mean that petrol prices may increase. Fuel consumption is already down year on year by 2 billion litres and oil companies are trying to regain this loss elsewhere.


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