It’s a Snowy UK Today

So, it’s snowed yet again these past two days and there is more snow forecast next week too. Much of the UK will therefore be covered in snow, which will inevitably lead to icy and dangerous roads. The chance of many commercial vehicle drivers experiencing disruption or heavy traffic jams at such times is therefore quite high, and it will be very important to take care on the roads during such times.

Black Ice

For many van drivers, their vehicle is, in some respects, their office, so it will be crucial to drive carefully to avoid damaging it! Over recent weeks, the snowy UK has seen commercial van insurance claims increase, along with general vehicle insurance claims too as many drivers are caught out by unseen black ice caused by freezing temperatures.

Simply driving through small high streets it is clear to see that cars have been abandoned and, in some cases, badly damaged during the snow storms due to drivers sliding off the roads. Many vehicles have also broken down and the AA and RAC have recorded a very high number of call outs during the blustery, snowy weather.

Authorities have been gritting and salting roads up and down the country, with some 500 tonnes of the stuff being scattered throughout the UK’s capital alone overnight and on my way to work this morning, I personally had no trouble once I was on the main roads. There was, however, black ice present on the quieter side streets.

Snow Differs From Area to Area

As the day has gone on the snow, from where I’m sitting has thawed quite quickly, however, in many parts of the UK this is unlikely to be the case. What’s it like where you are?

Hopefully next week’s flurry of snow will only be a small one that will cause minimum disruption for those that need to be out on the roads plying their trade.



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