Ice Cream Vans Could be a Thing of the Past


When looking back at our childhoods, we all remember the sound of the ice cream van coming down the street. For the youngest generation however, this could be a thing of the past.

Winstones, a popular ice cream business, has said that the number of regulations that are now in place are stopping the ice cream vans making a profit.

Historic Business

Winstones was founded in 1925 by Albert Winstone. He sold the ice cream originally from his motorbike and side car. By the 1980’s they had 28 vans touring the streets of Gloucestershire but now, this number stands at just four.

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Ben Vear from Winstones has said, “The market just died out because the regulations made it too hard to make a profit. But there is a massive resurgence in the vans’ popularity at the moment and they have been championed by some celebrity chefs.

“So they are looking more attractive to us again and if the rules were relaxed it would certainly help. We would definitely look to bring more vans back in.”

Chime Restrictions

There are talks of changing the times for when the vans can sound their chimes. The times they are currently restricted to is 12pm till 6pm and the chime can only sound for four seconds, however, the Government is considering changing this to 10am till 8pm and that they may be sounded for 12 seconds.

The Noise Abatement Society has attacked the plan and the managing director, Lisa Lavia, has said that the vans use the pester power of children to sell the product and that there is no need for the regulations to be updated. She said, “The use of chimes in public streets is a form of aggressive selling and noise pollution that would not be countenanced for other industries.”

Craig Lewis, who is 30, had an ice cream van for his wedding last year and he said, “I think it’s a ridiculous thing to say. The chimes of an ice cream can bring out the child in all of us. People were running across the field at our wedding when they heard the music.”



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