Hybrid Chevrolet 2500 Cargo Van to be displayed

XL Hybrids is a company that have developed a hybrid vehicle technology which has been fitted into Chevrolet’s Express 2500 cargo van. The van will be displayed at the 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Conference Energy Showcase. The company has been conducting pilot trials of this van in preparation of launching the van for commercial sales.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid vehicles have been available over the past ten years, providing an alternative environmentally friendly vehicle. Hybrid technology is unique as it improves fuel economy and reduces tailpipe emissions. XL Hybrids have aspired to create a hybrid technology that is more suitable for commercial fleets as they believe consumers of this type of vehicle will gain the most benefits. Their ‘hybrid powertrain’ will have the convenience of being easily installed into an existing vehicle as well being initially fitted into a vehicle before it’s completely finished.

Co-founder and president of XL Hybrids, Tod Haynes commented “Commercial fleet owners are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce their fuel bills. XL Hybrids provides a solution needed by a large market segment without relying on subsidies. The MIT Energy Conference offers the opportunity to showcase our hybrid platform in front of a mix of thought leaders in the energy industry, government and academia”.

Future of Hybrid Vans

There is hope that if businesses can use hybrid commercial vans, then they will save more money through lower fuel costs which in turn can be usefully spent elsewhere, like towards good quality commercial van insurance.

This is surely a great development for the vehicle industry and the environment as a wider variety of new vehicles are now becoming hybrid models. At present this display is only open to the public in Boston, Massachusetts but if it continues to be a success we should hopefully expect an official range of hybrid vans available in the coming years.




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