Green transport plan looking for White Van Man

The massive part van driver’s play in the movement of goods across the country has been recognised by the architects behind a new transport initiative that hopes to help drivers adopt a greener attitude to their working day.

New scheme on emissions

Transport companies across the UK are being urged to sign up to the new Green Transport Network, a partnership between an online shipping auction site and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. Hauliers and couriers who have previously been preoccupied by obtaining business and cutting down on costs such as commercial vehicle insurance are now being asked to think about their carbon footprint. The new scheme wants them to consider how to offset the carbon emissions their van produces every single day of its working life.

Delivery vans are big business

It is probably true to say that most van drivers would not have contemplated having to thing about green issues when they first started their driving careers but the fact that 33% of all the miles covered by vans in the UK are done in the routine business of picking up and delivering goods from door to door shows how important the business is. It really is some statistic when you consider how many working tradesman and national companies use vans to pursue other areas of business.

Perfect fit

The initiative fits in very well with the business conducted by the shipping auction site, where customers and hauliers come together to bring down the cost of difficult to ship items. The site helps van drivers cut down on empty return journeys, which straight away offsets their carbon emissions.

Is green the new white?

Ever since the turn of the century van insurance companies have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for their products. The number of vans on the roads of the UK has increased by almost 40% in this time and now there are well over 3 million vans on the roads of the UK every day. Around half of these are owned by sole traders, small businesses and private individuals or to put it another way the quintessential White Van Man. It is this character the Green Transport Network is trying to get through to, and the question really is can the White Van Man go Green?



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