Fuel prices soar once more

With the New Year less than a week old van drivers across the UK are already facing a new crisis.

In December it was mainly delivery drivers and hauliers who suffered as the snow blocked them in and caused more than a few to spend uncomfortable nights parked up on a freezing A road. If that was not bad enough worse was to follow as the freezing temperatures and a mixture of snow and ice on the roads meant that many drivers who relied on their vehicles to make a living could not even get off their own drive.


The repercussions of December 2010 will impact on some traders for a long time. Many consumers and customers were disappointed by the non arrival of Christmas orders and other important deliveries, the upshot being they blamed the poor old delivery man and next time will probably deal with someone else.

The crisis in 2011 will impact not only on van delivery drivers but anyone who uses their vehicle to make a living. Of course it isn’t a new occurrence for drivers to be hit by higher charges but the current price of fuel will prove a hard cross to bear for many in the industry.

With petrol prices approaching £1.30 a litre and diesel about 5p a litre higher, many businesses will find themselves having to pass the higher fuel prices on to customers just when they are trying to get over bad publicity they got in December. Joe public himself will be paying more to fill up his car and will be none too pleased with a tradesman who puts up his charges.

The increase in fuel is nothing short of dramatic. Van drivers have been disgruntled over the escalating price of commercial van insurance over the last couple of years but in reality it is nothing compared to the increase in fuel. Even the smallest of vans used by tradesman has seen a massive increase in the cost of filling the tank. Take a Berlingo for instance. The little van favoured by many self employed tradesman has a 60 litre tank. In January 2009 the cost of re-fuelling would have been £52.00 today that same van will cost the driver £76.50 to fill up.

Prime Minister David Cameron is talking about introducing a “fairfuel stabiliser” whereby the Government would cut taxes on fuel when the oil price is high. Many van drivers will be thinking that now is the time for action rather than words.



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