Fuel Economy the Key for Citroen


Citroen have made further strides to improve their green credentials as they launched a series of e-HDi Airdream micro-hybrid models of their very popular Berlingo vans. The range of new vans will further improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.


Available is a 1.6 litre Airdream engine with a six speed automated manual gearbox. The clever, efficient engine comes with stop/start technology whilst the van will also incorporate regenerative braking. The van delivers an extremely impressive economy of 60.1mpg whilst the CO2 emissions are around 123g/km.

With the cost of motoring continually increasing we’re all looking to reduce costs and a van that can save you money is sure to be popular! Such a “green” van is also likely to reduce the cost of van insurance for those that decide the new Berlingo e-HDi Airdream is for them. Citroen are taking emissions so seriously they’ve even redesigned the door mirrors in order to gain a more aerodynamic design which can help reduce fuel consumption. Attention to detail is an understatement! Hats off to them.

Commercial Vehicle Show Display

The new e-HDi was showcased at the Commercial Vehicle Show last week and the exterior upgrades were clear for all to see as the new Berlingo featured a wider grille and a new headlight arrangement. The air intake at the front has also been widened to allow for further air to pass through the engine keeping it even cooler and more efficient than before.

Scott Michael, Citroen’s commercial vehicle operations manager, is very excited about the latest range of Citroen vans. He has been quoted saying: “Our CV Show display demonstrates Citroen’s advanced technology, which results in some of the most fuel efficient and lowest emission vehicles available in the UK. Today’s Citroen LCV range offers UK businesses an unrivalled choice of vans, enhanced traction vans, platform cabs, crew vans, chassis cabs, chassis crew cabs and specialist bodied vehicles.”

Is the new range of Berlingo e-HDi Airdream models to your liking?



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