From Dial-Up to Tablets


Who can remember having to connect to the dial up to be able to access the internet? Worse still, if someone wanted to make a phone call the internet couldn’t be in use at the same time. Now we expect the internet to be everywhere with instant connection whilst managing many other areas of our lives!

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones has revolutionized the way we communicate, interact with each other and the sheer volume of information we now have access to at our finger tips. We are now living in a society that is time poor and information rich due to the fact we can all access the internet from our phones if we wish to.

The Impact for Businesses

For many businesses this is great. Restaurants for example, if you are in the area and looking for a great place to eat, all you need to do is type into your phone what kind of food you are looking for and within seconds you have all the Italian restaurants in the areas along with their menu’s, directions and prices! Others that have benefited from this are tradesmen. Not just so customers can locate them easily but them to be able to access more information about purchasing goods from trusted sources.

Surprisingly many tradesmen including electricians, plumbers and heating and ventilation specialists are now increasingly using their smartphones for work. In fact this increase is 35% year on year according to research from the EMA Contractors. The research also revealed that 54% of tradesmen have a tablet of some sort although 22% actually only used it for work purposes.

The Use of Smartphones

The practical use of the smartphones and tablets for the tradesmen is for buying decisions and purchasing. This, not only saves valuable money, especially during the recession, but it also saves a lot of time which is just as valuable these days. Tradesmen are researching everything from the next spare part they are going to purchase to what is the best van insurance policy to suit their needs.

John O’Hara is the leader of EMA Contractors and he has said, “Smartphone and tablet use among contractors on the jobsite continues its dramatic rise and marketers that are not focusing on resources in this area are missing an important opportunity.

“At a minimum, marketers should be looking at developing apps that help contractors do their job, websites that are optimized for mobile devices and product literature that can be properly used on tablets.”

Not only is the internet a great place for tradesmen to advertise their expertise and also to gain recognition as trusted workmen, it is helping them save money in the process.

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